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This resource contains activities based around the concept of astronauts living in space. It is intended that students try out all the activities before producing a specification for their biosphere.

*Breathing: this activity describes how one can use simple equipment to measure the volume of air breathed at rest.

*Exercise: this worksheet requires students to interpret data from a graph showing the effects of exercise on oxygen demand.

*Improving photosynthesis: In this activity, students must plan an investigation into the rates of photosynthesis with variables of temperature, light level, colour of light and carbon dioxide levels.

*Biosphere specification: students must produce a design for a self-sustaining life support unit.

*Photosynthesis and respiration: students carry out a series of investigations to explore the effects of light levels on the carbon dioxide concentration in a sealed tube containing Canadian pond weed and pond snails.

*Respiration: this worksheet asks questions on the process of respiration. Question 6 requires the results from the investigation carried out in the breathing activity.

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