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Genome Generation

A number of scenarios are presented to encourage debate around genome sequencing. All teaching materials are provided.

  • The interaction of genetic and environmental factors in influencing phenotype
  • Ethical implications of genetic screening

Curriculum links:

  • Sequencing projects have read the genomes of a wide range of organisms, including humans
  • Differences in DNA between individuals of the same species can be exploited for identification and diagnosis of heritable conditions
  • The use of this information in genetic counselling and personalised medicine
  • The Human Genome Project organised to map and sequence 3 billion nucleotides in the human genome and to identify all the genes (approximately 25 000) present in it, appreciate that the creation of a genome library has implications for the study of genetic disorders
  • Appreciate social, legal, ecological and ethical issues regarding the benefits and risks of gene technology:  the social and ethical implications of gene technology
  • Understand how phenotype is the result of an interaction between genotype and the environment

This resource is part of the Post 16 genetics and genomics collection of resources.

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