School Organisation and STEM Career-related Learning

Published in August 2013 by the The National STEM Learning Centre and Network, the aim of this research project was to identify the range of factors that shape senior leadership team decisions with regards to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) career-related learning.

Evidence has shown that the support of school senior leaders and their organisation of STEM within the school is highly significant in determining the success of STEM in an individual school. This research points to the importance of management structures within schools which prioritise career-related learning and provide effective support for all teaching staff to play their part. The findings support schools investing in senior teachers to provide career-related learning for students. The report goes on to identify the factors influencing senior leaders in taking forward STEM career-related learning across their school.

The research was delivered by Ms Hutchinson, of the International Centre for Guidance Studies at the University of Derby, as one element of the National STEM Learning Centre and Network's STEM Careers Project. The project includes a range of other activities such as supporting the development of online learning resources for use by the whole school, a review and update of STEM career learning resources, and the further development of the Futuremorph website. 

The full collection of STEM Learning impact and evaluation research reports can be viewed here.


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