iSquared Magazine Issue 9

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This edition of iSquared magazine features:

Where are all the women? - Gwyneth Stallard asks why women are underrepresented in mathematics, particularly at the top end of the career spectrum.

One women and her theorem - Véroniqué Pagé takes a look at the life of Emmy Noether, and explains why Noether’s theorem is such a significant result for physics.

Leading the way - Lucinda Matthews talks to Professor Cheryl Praeger , one of the top mathematicians of her generation, about her life and her work in the fields of group theory and combinatorics.

Women in maths today - Sarah Waters and Helen Webster answer questions about their careers, their mathematics and their aspirations for the future.

In addition, each issue of the iSquared magazine contains news items, puzzles, a book review and the work of a mathematical great. This issue tells the story of the work of Sophie Germain who overcame the disadvantages of her sex to make some important contributions to number theory and elasticity.

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