Surface Area Inquiry

This resource from Inquiry Maths is designed to encourage students to explore connections between surface area and volume.

The surface area of a cuboid can never be less than its volume details how the prompt can be used. The statement is false and the intention is that students find a counter example to show that the statement is not always true. Extensions to the prompt are suggested and student responses to the prompt are shown.

Lesson notes include teaching points and suggested teaching suggestions.

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Philip Bradfield

"The surface area of a cuboid can never be less than its volume"


surely, this is a false (improper) question and cannot meaningfully be posed/answered :  area and volume are of different dimensions


Philip Bradfield


If the assertion was rephrased as:  the surface area to volume ration can never be less than 1cm-1 (with the units being important) - does that "save" things ;-)