Craft, Design and Technology: a Curriculum Statement

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This report, published in 1980 by the Association of Advisers in Design and Technical Studies, describes and justifies the area of the curriculum then known as craft, design and technology. It states the importance of the skills that it teaches - allowing individuals to interact rationally and positively with the man-made environment, and to make critical evaluations and decisions about manufactured items.

Each component - craft, design, technology - is treated as separate discipline, with its own curriculum statement and then shown as a part of the whole process. The focus is on how to teach the subjects, successful approaches and possible pitfalls.

A set of curriculum files look at:
*Craftsmanship - wood and metal
*Craft skills
*Graphic communication
*Examinations in craft, design and technology
*Craft, design and technology
*Manufacturing technology and industrial technologies
*Linked courses
*Technology in the middle years
*Craft and design in the middle years
*Craft, design and technology in the primary school
*Competitions in craft, design and technology
*Motor vehicle studies

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