Properties of Materials

Produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry, this resource provides activity ideas, key vocabulary and background knowledge for teachers at primary level. Investigations include comparative tests on materials looking at strength, flexibility, hardness, absorbency and magnetism. It also aims to develop key skills including: recognising and carrying out a fair test, repeating a procedure, measuring length with a degree of accuracy, constructing a bar graph, observing and recording and representing data. Science poems and a concept cartoon are provided to promote discussion and develop understanding. The supplementary material looks at packaging and how much of it is necessary to keeping a product at its best. It contains activity and investigation ideas including: * Why we have packaging * Finding the 'best odour barrier' for chocolate * Keeping crisps crispy

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Jane Banham

With the emphasis on cross curricular writing this is a good resource to promote poetry in science whilst at the same time assessing the pupils understanding of materials. Another great poem is Wooly Saucepan. This resource gives a selection of possible investigations which can be carried out and that give lots of opportunites for children to then think up their own further questions based on their initial investigation.