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This booklet in the Griffin Technical Studies series provides practical experiments which investigate the inherent properties of many natural and artificial fibres. It also considers methods of modifying and finishing older fabrics to add some of the properties that synthetic materials offer.

The resource includes investigations into the preparation of fibres, treatments and finishes. The appendices include information in table form showing relative humidity and properties of fibres.

The experiments in this resource are:

1. Preparation of cellulose acetate and triacetate
2. Nylon spinning
3. Alginate spinning
4. Moisture content (regain value)
5. Water repellancy
6. Determination of water repellancy
7. Reaction of organic solvents
8. Reaction of acids and alkalis
9. Reaction of oxidising and reducing agents
10. Attack of moth larvae
11. Dampness in cotton
12. The effect of heat on fibres
13. The effect of flames on fibres
14. Differential dyeing
15. Multi-purpose dyes
16. Determination of drape
17. Determination of stiffness
18. Wear resistance
19. Pilling
20. Attack on the skin
21. Mercerisation of cotton
22. Permanent creasing
23. Permanent creasing of cotton
24. Measurement of crease resistance
25. Felting of wool
26. Shrink-proofing of wool
27. Determination of flame-retardance
28. Flame-proofing of cotton
29. Hand washing
30. Stain removal
31. Oil-water repellents
32. Stress and strain

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