Produced by the Hamilton Trust, this resource aimed at Year Six gives details of six lessons on balanced forces. Children learn about gravity, air resistance, friction and upthrust of liquids. Working scientifically they investigate what happens when an elastic band stretches under force and develop an understanding of balanced and unbalanced forces and their effects. Included in the resource are lesson plans, practical activities and all student materials. The lessons are: [b]Revise forces[/b] - look at examples of forces, develop understanding of gravity and measure forces using force meters [b]Opposing forces[/b] - investigate and observe closely the balancing for forces. [b]Floating and sinking[/b] - investigate factors involved with floating and sinking [b]Elastic band investigation[/b] - What happens as the mass suspended from the elastic band increases? [b]Spinner investigation[/b] - Children change one factor to investigate the speed at which spinners fall [b]Fantastic Forces![/b] - group activities to investigate a range of ideas about forces

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