LAMP Topic Brief 10: Flight

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This topic brief was published as part of the ASE’s LAMP Project. The brief was developed for third year pupils following a [link=//]Nuffield Secondary Science[/link] course. It was later trialled in a variety of secondary schools with students of average and below average ability in the 13 to 16 age range.

1. To develop an understanding of the fundamentals of health and the factors which affect it.
2. To encourage the desire and ability of students to search for information in books and to browse through books.
3. To enable a working relationship to develop between students and teacher
4. To encourage students to work together constructively exchanging experiences and deyeloping ideas.
5. To provide an opportunity for discussion of some social health problems: venereal diseases, smoking, alcohol and drugs.

1. What is stability?
2. Which shape has most air resistance?
3. Air and lift
4. Bernoulli's idea
5. Making an airfoil and launching
6. Three paper planes
7. Balancing an airfoil
8. Twisting and turning
9. Making and flying a bird shape
10. Making feathers
11. Adjusting the tail
12. Making a flying bird
13. Making a giant albatross
14. Making a biplane, triplane, quadriplane
15. Making a giant plane

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