Tunnelworks: Key Stage Five Chemistry

Tunnelworks is a series of teaching and learning resources linking mathematics and science to the Thames Tideway Tunnel project, a major new sewer that will help protect the River Thames from increasing pollution. Background to the project is given in the introductory video.

The AS Level lesson gives students practice in calculating the enthalpy change for exothermic reactions using a real-world example and sample experimental data. Students can discuss experimental technique and the real world implications of a reaction being exothermic .

The A2 Level lesson helps students explore stoichiometry and titrations using a real-world example of testing for dissolved oxygen in water using the Winkler test. Students must ‘track’ how one mole of oxygen is represented within each stage of the test’s reactions to identify how many moles of sodium thiosulphate represent one mole of oxygen, in the final titration. Students then calculate the results of titrations using a range of Winkler test kits to find out which are suitably accurate, exploring how the choice of equipment, solutions and method all combine to deliver the resolving power (precision) of a titration.

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