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Assessing Your Needs in Science

Published by the Teacher Training Agency, these assessment materials provide an opportunity for schools and individual teachers to identify areas of subject knowledge which need further training and development. Developed by teams including teachers, inspection and advisory staff and higher education tutors, they are aimed primarily at Key Stage Two, however many teachers working in Key Stage One and Key Stage Three may also find them useful.

The materials include two booklets: diagnostic tasks and diagnostic feedback.

The diagnostic tasks booklet explains the focus of each activity and why it has been included as well as information about the topic. It is designed to help teachers distinguish between areas in which they have sufficient knowledge and understanding, and areas where there is a need for further continuing professional development. It concentrates on key areas identified by teachers and other groups as being important.

The diagnostic feedback booklet contains a range of information on common errors and misunderstandings related to the particular aspect of the subject. An opportunity to record any identified needs is provided at the end of this booklet allowing teachers to summarise their continuing professional development needs and help to determine priorities.

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