Technology and School Science: an HMI Enquiry

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This enquiry into technology and school science was conducted by HMI. The report was published in 1985. The enquiry was concerned not only with the specific technology courses offered by science departments but also sought to obtain details of any attempts being made to develop technology across the curriculum, within the general studies programme or through the extra-curricular activities offered by the school. This enquiry complemented an earlier HMI study of the nature of technology within the work of the craft, design and technology (CDT) departments in secondary schools which was published in 1982.

Note that at the time of the enquiry, Years Ten and Eleven were then referred to as the secondary Years Four and Five.


1: Introduction

2: The enquiry
* The nature of the schools visited
* The major concerns of the enquiry
* Factors considered likely to influence the quality of work

3: Evidence and findings
* The schools and their policies: the science department
* Organisation
* Curriculum planning
* Links with CDT
* Staffing
* Accommodation and resources
* The science curriculum
* The sixth form
* The nature and quality of work in science and technology courses

4: Comments on the findings

A: Data from the schools visited in depth as part of the enquiry
B: Science capitation allowances for the schools visited
C: The number of science and technology subjects being followed by students in Years Four and Five
D: The number of boys and girls studying separate technology courses in Years Four, Five and in the sixth form

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