Maths Chest 3 - Measure: Pack 2

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This resource from Maths Chest 3 is aimed at Key Stage One and contains teachers' notes for running activities on the topic areas of money, capacity, length, time, weight and area. It is divided into 11 topics which are designed to be taught in sequence at different times within the year. Each topic is organised into two sets of activities both of which include teacher-led activities, group activities and individual activities. At the end of each topic there are opportunities for reinforcement and extension and suggestions for cross-curricular links. The topics for teaching measure are divided into two packs.

The topics in this pack are as follows:

Topic 29 - Money: sets of coins up to £1

Topic 30 - Length: measuring using coloured strips of set lengths

Topic 31 - Time: calendars and timing in minutes

Topic 32 - Capacity: using a small container to fill a large container

Topic 37 - Money: subtraction to 30p

Topic 38 - Weight: using arbitrary units

Topic 39 - Time: half past the hour

Topic 40 - Area: measuring and comparing

Topic 44 - Money: grouping and sharing

Topic 45 - Measures: towards using standard units in length and capacity

Topic 46 - Area: measuring, comparing and conservation of area

The extra materials required for running the activities may be found in Maths Chest 3: Introduction and Student Materials.

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