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Shelter for the World

This resource pack introduces the concepts of shelter and shelter deprivation around the world to students in Key Stage Two. It highlights the challenges people face in their daily lives when their homes do not provide adequate shelter. It linked to the curriculum areas of design and technology, geography and PSHE and promotes thinking and problem solving skills.

The presentation starts with a two short games which introduce the concept of shelter and factors which could lead to shelter deprivation, it then looks at different housing design around the world.

There are two classroom activities, a mini and a main activity. In the mini-activity children are asked to physically model a slum dwelling within the classroom to discover the five measures of shelter deprivation. In the main activity children take on the role of engineers as they work in groups to design houses for different needs in different areas of the world. The presentation goes on to consider the issues engineers face when building homes around the world and the role they can play in working with communities to improve living conditions and helping to solve the shelter crisis around the world.

Included in this resource are: teacher’s notes on running the presentation, teacher’s notes on running the activities, presentation slides (with space for notes) and materials for running the classroom activities. These resources were produced by Engineers Without Borders UK in order to stimulate thought on shelter throughout the world.

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