Maths Chest 6 - Shape and Space

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This resource from Maths Chest 6, aimed at Key Stage Two contains teachers' notes for running activities on shape and space. It is divided into six topics which are designed to be taught in sequence at different times within the year. Each topic is organised two sets of activities both of which include teacher-led activities, group activities and individual activities. At the end of each topic there are opportunities for reinforcement and extension and suggestions for cross-curricular links.

The topics contain a range of activities and are as follows:

Topic 12 - Volume: volume of a cube, cube numbers.

Topic 13 - Area: area of rectangles and right-angled triangles, area of a parallelogram.

Topic 14 - Shape: right angles and measure of turn, measuring angles in degrees, points of the compass, triangles and their properties, constructing shapes involving right-angled triangles.

Topic 27 - Area: solve problems involving the area of a rectangle and a right-angled triangle, investigating the effect of enlargement upon area, Find the area of shapes in square metres.

Topic 28 - LOGO: using programmable robots to estimate distance and amount of turn, using LOGO as a mathematical tool.

Topic 41 - Shape: co-ordinates, pyramids and prisms, faces, edges and vertices, nets for pyramids and prisms.

The repromasters required for teaching the activities are found in the Maths Chest 6: Introduction and Student Materials.

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