Maths Chest 6 - Pictorial Representation

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This resource from Maths Chest 6, aimed at Key Stage Two, contains teachers' notes for running activities on handling data. It is divided into four topics which are designed to be taught in sequence at different times within the year. Each topic is organised into two sets of activities both of which include teacher-led activities, group activities and individual activities and a related investigation. At the end of each topic there are opportunities for reinforcement and extension and suggestions for cross-curricular links.

The topics are:

Topic 7 - Graphs: bar charts, scales, bar-line graphs.

Topic 22 - Handling data: flow diagrams, decision tree diagrams to sort and identify a collection of objects.

Topic 36 - Handling data: collecting data, carrying out a simple survey.

Topic 38 - Probability: placing events on a number line, determining all possible pairings when a choice is made from two sets, listing the ways a particular event can occur.

The repromasters required for teaching the activities are found in the Maths Chest 6: Introduction and Student Materials.

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