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Sequences and Series

This resource, from Susan Wall, contains five advanced level activities designed to practise and strengthen understanding of the use of notation when dealing with sequences and series. Each resource starts with teacher notes followed by a student activity.

Introduction to sequences and series contains a number of useful starter activities followed by a task designed for students to practise using mathematical notation.

Matching the sequence is a task where students have to match information to the given sequences. The task is extended by the fact that there will be some information remaining. Students have to devise their own sequence using this information.

APs and GPs: find a sequence contains two tasks designed to develop connections between the properties of the sequence and the notation describing it. In each task students have to match the information given about a sequence with the correct sequence.

Which belongs to which? is a task designed to encourage students to find and use a formula to describe the nth term of a sequence. Students are given the first few terms of a number sequences and are asked to which sequence a particular number belongs.

Sorting sequences is a task which really tests students understanding of the topic. Students are given three different, blank, Venn diagrams and have to lavel the sets of the diagrams using a list of different types of sequence.

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