In Place of Confusion: Technology and Science in the School Curriculum

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This report, published by the Nuffield-Chelsea Curriculum Trust, was written in the wake of significant reorganisation of the school system with the development of comprehensive schools and the comprehensive curriculum.

The first chapter looks at the changes made to Craft, Design and Technology in schools and considers what further changes need to be considered.

The second chapter considers what is meant by technology and what part technology should play in students’ education and considers some of the tasks which could be undergone as part of the learning process.

Chapter three considers further the role of technology in schools and how the needs of the technology curriculum can be met within traditional CDT teaching and within the science curriculum. Science education is considered in more detail in chapter four looking at content, process and tasks and proposes a model for the science curriculum and discusses its implications.

Chapter five reviews the ideas developed in the previous chapters and goes on to present a model for the curriculum in the technology and science arena. This is followed by a programme for action discussing possible changes within schools, how outside agencies can help schools and reconsiders the prospects for change.

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