This resource consists of seventeen work cards each requiring students to investigate some aspect of area and perimeter of shapes. Associated with each card is a student help sheet and comprehensive teacher notes detailing assumed knowledge for each task, the purpose of the module and details of the work to be carried out by the student.

Section A contains five tasks each exploring how to calculate the area of irregular shapes using a grid. Students are asked to find the area of their feet, to explore the connection between the height of a person and the size of their hands, calculating the area of compound shapes using a grid and comparing the perimeters of tetrominoes and pentominoes.

Section B contains four tasks comparing the area of different shapes, comparing the areas of squares and triangles and comparing the perimeters of different shapes which have the same area.

Section C contains five tasks each exploring the greatest area that can be achieved from a given perimeter. Students are asked to calculate the area and perimeter of a tilted square, find the greatest area of a quadrilateral and find the greatest area that can be achieved from a length of chain.

Section D contains three tasks each exploring how the areas of compound shapes and shapes which contain holes can be found.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Mathematics Teaching Project.

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