Looking at Chemical Reactions

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Written by F.C. Brown and published by the English Universities Press, this book contains guidance on how to carry out a number of laboratory experiments to investigate rates of reaction and energy changes. Students, in carrying out these experiments and in attempting to answer the questions that are to be found through the text, can learn a great deal about the practical aspects of these topics.

The materials include the instructions necessary to perform the practical activities, but without the hazard warnings that would be found in a modern text. The topics covered are:
1. The action of acids on metals
2. The reduction of permanganate ions by oxalate ions
3. The action of iron(III) ions on aqueous hydrogen sulphide
4. The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
5. The oxidation of iodide ions by hydrogen peroxide
6. An interesting slow reaction
7. Simple colorimetric estimations
8. Gas diffusion
9. Two interesting ‘delayed action' reactions
10. The acid-alkali reaction
11. The hydration of magnesium sulphate
12. The action of zinc on copper(II) sulphate solution
13. The combination of hydrogen and chlorine

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