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The Food theme, from Century Maths covers decimals, factors and multiples, length and area, number patterns, surveys, percentages, probability, ratio and scale drawing using practical work and practical application of the mathematics.

How much space? - using measuring and logic to determine how to seat people around a dinner table

Packing peaches - using factors and number patterns to investigate different packing designs

Sandwich bar - listing all meal combinations in a logical manner, carrying out a survey to decide what sandwich fillings to use, deciding how much to charge

Remarkable recipes - using proportion to scale recipes

Pick and mix - deciding how much to charge for sweets to make a percentage profit

Planning a party - using information to make decisions in a logical manner to plan an end of term party

Counting your calories - use a spreadsheet and read data from a table to consider the number of calories take in a day

There follows help, hints and more ideas for each section.

Animals covers codes and puzzles, curves and curve sketching, decimals, length and area, money, number patterns, opinion surveys, speed, polygons, scale drawing and percentages.

[b]Which pet?[/b] - collecting and representing data in order to make comparisons
[b]A good home[/b] - using dimensions to help design a hutch for a small pet
[b]A visit to the zoo[/b] - using a map to plan a visit and work out areas of enclosures and represent the results graphically
[b]Animals on the move[/b] - using rates to compare the speeds at which different animals move
[b]Curves of pursuit[/b] - drawing curves of pursuit
[b]Logic puzzles[/b] - solving animal themed puzzles then make your own puzzle

There follows help, hints and more ideas for each section.

At the end of each theme there is a single page which gives the links to specific mathematical concepts in the Focus books.

This book is part of the [b]Century Maths[/b] series.

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