Colour in Our Hall

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In this resource from Teachers TV, children from Beacon Primary School in Cornwall work on an aspect of school improvement with designer Kevin McCloud. The idea for this project comes from The Sorrell Foundation and is called the Joinedupdesignforschools project, which gives children a major say in how an aspect of their school's environment is improved.

Children present their brief on how to improve their school hall to Kevin McCloud, who presents Grand Designs. This provokes a discussion where he suggests they carry out a survey to find out what the whole school wants.

They then visit inspirational buildings and spaces including Falmouth College of Arts, where they look at how coloured lighting can change the look and mood of a space. Following the visit, the children take ownership of the project and present their ideas to the teachers and governors.

The children clearly enjoy and respond well to working with a designer who values their contributions. Taking ownership of the project enhances their learning and promotes confidence and self-belief. This programme shows the value of working with professionals in STEM industries to engage and enrich children’s learning.

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