An Addendum to Cockcroft

An Addendum to Cockcroft, from the Resources for Learning Development Unit (RLDU), was written by a group of Avon secondary mathematics teachers who recognised that the wide-ranging recommendations within the report would have an impact on the teaching of mathematics. Changes would depend on the willingness of those concerned with mathematics education to adopt the main points, particularly those in paragraph 243, of the report which recommended that mathematics teaching at all levels should include opportunities for:

*exposition by the teacher
*discussion between teacher and students and between students themselves
*appropriate practical work
*consolidation and practice of fundamental skills and routines
*problem solving including the application of maths to everyday situations
*investigational work

To this end, the addendum provided a wealth of ideas that practitioners could use to increase the amount of discussion in the classroom, along with practical activities and investigations. The contents of the addendum were linked to each of the ten sub-sections from the foundation list of topics, which Cockcroft recommended should form part of a mathematics syllabus for all students and in particular should constitute the greater part of the syllabus for the bottom 40% of students.

The foundation list was divided into: number; money; calculators; percentages; time; measurement; graphs; spatial concepts; ratio and statistics.

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