New National Curriculum Mathematics 6

Published by Stanley Thornes, this book covers all level six material from the 1995 version of the National Curriculum split into four sections: number, algebra, space, shape and measures; handling data. using and applying mathematics is integrated throughout the book. Each section begins with revision work from the previous level, printed on pink paper for ease of recognition, and ends with a review exercise. Each section is divided into a series of chapters.

Each chapter begins with a section “Discover discuss do” designed to help students relate the topic to their everyday experiences and ends with a section called “For your interest” which encourages students to relate the topic to other areas of the school curriculum. Each chapter contains a mix of explanation, worked examples, exercises and investigations. This version does not include any answers. Topics covered include:


  • Problem solving
  • Fractions, decimals
  • Percentages
  • Ratio


  • Sequences and number patterns
  • Equations
  • Coordinates
  • Graphs

Shape, space and measures

  • Perimeter, area, volume
  • Angles made with intersecting and parallel lines
  • Triangles and angles
  • Quadrilaterals and polygons
  • 2-D representation of 3-D shapes
  • Transformations

Handling data

  • Displaying data
  • Continuous data
  • Probability

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Ali A

the only thing that is missing from the working out section is that there are no answers.

Anna Richardson


Please note that this version is a student version and thus does not include answers. The level 7 book in the same series is the teacher version which does contain answers. Unfortunately, we do not appear to have a copy with answers at the moment. We will try to make the right version available as soon as it possible.

Kind regards,