Burning Fossil Fuels

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These activities look at what happens when fossil fuels burn. The activities include a demonstration of burning fuels with a paper-based student activity to look at the breaking and formation of bonds during combustion. The activities can be used to look at fossil fuels, exothermic and endothermic reactions, equations, conservation of mass, energy changes and energy level diagrams. The topic lends itself to a further debate on the use of fossil fuels and their contribution to climate change. These resources, from Innovate Educate and The Avenue, are linked with a web site that describes the reclamation of a former coke-manufacturing plant in Chesterfield. Coke is a processed form of coal that is used as a smokeless fuel and in the steel-making industry. The web site contains further activities that support specifications in the humanities subjects. These can be linked to develop a cross-curricular approach to the activities, and can be found at: www.theavenueeducation.co.uk

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