Integrated Mathematics Scheme: B1

This Year Seven textbook from the Integrated Mathematics Scheme contains 30 units split into three sections each containing ten units. There are basic exercises (M units) followed by more challenging extension exercises (E units) covering the same topics in each file. This book covers the same topics as the book A1 but contains more challenging questions.

[b]Units 1 to 10[/b] cover:
The basics of using a calculator to perform simple operations and interpret the results correctly by rounding the answers appropriately. Also:
*Use metric units to measure length, mass and volume
*How to measure angles
*Understand factors, multiples and powers of numbers
*Use standard form to represent large numbers on a calculator.

[b]Units 11 to 20[/b] cover:
Finding the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles, symmetry including the symmetry of a rhombus and an isosceles triangle and angle properties in parallel lines. Units cover:
*How to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000
*How to represent small numbers in standard form
*Finding equivalent fractions and adding fractions
*Sections which use Venn diagrams to represent sets, show mappings and solve problems.

[b]Units 21 to 30[/b] cover:
Coordinates in all four quadrants leading to graphing sets of points.
* Converting between decimals and percentages and finding the percentage of an amount
* Substituting numbers into a formula which contains bracket and solving simple equations
* Further work on factors and primes, number patterns and the approximation of answers
*Other units include enlargement by a scale factor, tessellation and problem solving.

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