Energy in Kalyanpura - Investigating Energy and Development Issues

This is one of a series of extended units. from the Association for Science Education and the Design and Technology Association, to provide in-depth coverage of a topic or an area of the curriculum. This unit was developed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, which aimed to promote constructive energy education in schools and colleges.

Through a study of this unit, students learn about some of the issues related to energy use in the developing world. They can develop skills in analysing data and information and using the results of the analysis in making decisions. They may also develop a greater understanding of the influence of science and technology on peoples everyday lives.

* Plan of the unit
* By using the unit students will ...
* Links to other SwT units
* Other useful resources
* Using the unit

* Energy in Kalyanpura – investigating energy and development issues
* Developing an Action Plan for Kalyanpura (cooking, electricity supply, pumping water)

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