Negative Numbers 2

This resource from Teachers TV features Anthony and Blue, who are Year Four students at Niton School on the Isle of Wight, as they invite us to share their learning experience with the next lesson on negative numbers.

The lesson starter, from class teacher Josie Clark, is to establish that zero can be represented in different ways, this substitution is essential to solve some problems and Anthony initially encounters some difficulties understanding this. He is called upon to demonstrate calculations using the resource and maths tables which he does successfully.
However, when the class is rearranged he does not work with his partner, nor does he use the cards, and it becomes obvious that he is still encountering difficulties with the concept that negative one and ordinary one can substitute for zero.

Blue has grasped the concept of substitution and performs calculations confidently. Josie explains to Anthony and his partner that they must work together and use the equipment at every step, which they find beneficial.

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