Outdoor Learning with Forest School

From Teachers TV, this video shows outdoor learning, organised by a Forest School leader. This approach encourages an appreciation of the natural world, building self-esteem and confidence by regularly visiting special woodland sites.

The Forest Schools concept originates from Scandinavia, where there has been a long tradition of encouraging very young children to play and learn outdoors.

In this programme, Year One children from Charlbury School in Oxfordshire make one of their regular visits to a local wood. They are led by their teacher Gill Senior, who has recently qualified as a Forest School practitioner. Because Gill's children have been visiting these woods every fortnight since starting reception they have become unusually at home in this environment, whatever the weather.

Through child-initiated activities, we see them learning about the natural environment, handling risks and using their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. We also hear from teachers who talk about the children's growing confidence and self-motivation.

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