Focus Year 10/11 Number Extension

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The material in this Century Maths book is aimed at above average ability students. The approach adopted uses games, puzzles and investigations to support the development of the concepts being introduced.

[b]Contents of the student book:[/b]

[b]Calculations and real problems[/b]: evaluating values from quite complex formulae, calculating including interest rates and performing calculator puzzles.
[b]Rational and irrational numbers[/b]: exploring recurring decimals.
[b]Reciprocals, powers and roots[/b]: investigating reciprocals, powers and roots through enlargements, their inverses using the calculator power key.
[b]Fractions revisited[/b]: exploration of unit fractions, also called Egyptian fractions, plus further investigations using repeated fractions.
[b]A sequence of sequences[/b]: looking at geometric progressions, harmonic progressions and investigations of other sequences.
[b]Growth and decay[/b]: exploration of situations describing exponential growth and decay such as the time a drug takes to be effective, prices, investments and fluctuations in population.
[b]Area and perimeter[/b]: use of formulae to calculate the area and perimeter of circles, using approximate methods and exploring problems and puzzles such as Pick’s Theorem.
[b]Cones and spheres[/b]: the use of formulae and approximations to find the volume of cones and spheres.
[b] Numerical paradoxes[/b]: investigation of several paradoxes based on infinite sequences. A look at ‘count ability’ and fractal distance.

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