Focus Year 7/8 Number Extension

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The material in this Century Maths book is aimed at more able students. The approach adopted uses games, puzzles and investigations to support the development of the concepts being introduced.

Contents of the student book:

  • Numbers and patterns- exploration of number patterns in a wide range of contexts.
  • Decimals - place value activities involving games and calculator use.
  • Factors and primes - factorising using systematic methods and power notation.
  • Calculating - no calculators – practising mental methods and estimation.
  • Fractions – problems involving equivalent fractions, addition of fractions, decimals and fractions and multiplying fractions.
  • Negative numbers – Practice negative numbers using temperature and dice games.
  • Rates and ratio - many everyday contexts using rates and ratio develops use of 1:n notation and proportionality.
  • Percentages - formal conversion of fractions to percentages; tax, VAT, pay rise examples.
  • Powers – considers notation, squares, cubes and the difference of two squares.
  • Approximating - includes level of accuracy discussion.
  • Speeds and conversions – problems requiring conversion between miles and kilometres.
  • Patterns and problems - a range of patterns in problem solving situations which will challenge students.

Focus teacher’s support pack year 7/8 number extension: The first half of the Teacher's support pack covers teaching issues such as approaches to problem solving, record keeping, equipment and a reminder of the icons and flags used in the student texts. This part of the teacher support pack is essentially common to all the Focus teacher support packs. The second part provides a summary of the units followed by a two page spread on each unit which gives teaching suggestions on each student activity. The guidance on the activities needs to be read alongside the student material.

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