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The IPSE Report from the Association for Science Education (ASE) describes the national evaluation of the Education Support Grants (ESG) primary science schemes, 1985-88. Chapter One describes the process of the evaluation and data from the evaluation are presented in Appendices 1-8. In Chapter Two, the different ESG projects are analysed on the basis of the in-service training and support provided. Chapter Three concentrates on the advisory teachers appointed to operate the ESG schemes. Training needs are analysed and the provision or absence of induction and training in different projects is discussed. Chapter Four provides a detailed analysis of different in-service training (INSET) strategies, including prerequisites for success. In Chapter Five the ESG schemes are reviewed in terms of division of responsibility between LEA and school. Chapters Two to Five end with summaries of main findings and Chapter Six concludes the report, by listing the recommendations of the evaluation team. The book contains an index.

Chapter 1: The evaluation task
Chapter 2: LEA projects approved for ESG (science) support
Chapter 3: The advisory teachers
Chapter 4: INSET Strategies
Chapter 5: Responsibility for curricular change
Chapter 6: Recommendations
Appendices 1–13

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