Ginn Science Year Two Resource File for teachers was first published in 1988 and revised in 1995 to accommodate the 1995 National Curriculum in England and Wales. The revised file, of over 200 pages, contains full instructions for use of the materials provided to support science throughout Year Two in England or Primary Three in Scotland (students aged six to seven years). 

The introduction contains general advice and information about the project and its materials. It has sections on planning, materials needed, equal opportunities, relationships of science with other curriculum areas and charts relating the five skill areas and five content strands to the National Curriculum requirements.

The main section sets out the modules into which each content strand is divided, giving the aims, how to use the related Ginn Science materials (students’ books, activity support sheets and assessment activities), background information about the activities in the modules, the materials needed and how to introduce the activities, with questions to ask. The file includes suggestions for assessment on a continuous basis of the key ideas and the skills of the module.

There are nine sets of questions to be put orally to the children in groups to assess grasp of content and four sets of activities for assessment of skills. Notes are given about how to interpret students’ answers.



The Modules:

*Ourselves and healthy living





*Other animals and plants


Cats and dogs

Seeds and plants


*Materials and their uses

Pets' housing

Waste products and decay

Keeping dry

*Energy and forces


Simple machines

Wheels and cogs


*Earth and space

Rain and clouds




Sun and shade

*Additional modules

Life cycles (Ourselves and healthy living)

Electricity (Energy and forces)

*Activity support sheets: numbers 1 to 22

*Assessment and evaluation

Introductory notes

Oral questioning, sets 1 to 9

Assessment activities, sets W, X, Y and Z

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