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STEM Learning magazine: secondary and post-16 - spring 2017

The Spring issue of the STEM Learning magazine explores how a visit by a STEM Ambassador can fire up your students, by helping to transform a school STEM Club and inspire many students to continue their science studies. The magazine also includes the following articles:

  • Mission X: train like an astronaut: the article describes how primary and secondary students can take part in this international challenge which is run by NASA
  • Value your support staff: teaching assistants and technicians often work directly with teachers but their skills are not always utilised to maximise impact on students' learning.
  • Recruiting and retaining teachers - mission impossible?: the article outlines at what schools and colleges can do in order to recruit and retain high quality and effective teaching staff
  • What's next for the BBC micro:bit?: one year from the launch of the BBC micro:biy the article looks at what is happening to this little programmable device and the difference is it has made to STEM education
  • How do you solve a problem like mathematics in science?: the article focuses on an opportunity for schools to build stronger relationships between their mathematics and science departments in preparation to the new science GCSE.
  • Science is for everyone: the article looks at 'science capital' concept and how that concept can be utilised in the classroom context 

The magazine also includes a listing of our high quality CPD courses.

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