Leapfrogs Action Books

This series of books from Leapfrogs offers a collection of explorations and investigations on a particular theme. In content they are less restricting than a simple work card.

The Action Books are:

Animations - slidescopes, flip sheets, zig zags, flick books, multi exposures transformations, enlargements, translations, rotations and tumbling shapes.

Bands - patterns and shape, turning patterns, shifting patterns, area, halves and quarters and enlargements.

Calculators - problems/games/situations for which a simple electronic calculator is needed. Some of them may suggest other questions to investigate further.

Chance - experiments and games that develop the idea of chance. Students are encouraged to make their own game.

Codes - investigates and sets problems to solve involving shorthand, Morse code, binary, scrambled codes, Braille and anagrams.

Cubes - using rules to construct shapes with cubes, nets and cuboids, including investigating surface area and symmetry.

Doodles - regions are explored through a variety of puzzles and games which provide opportunities for students to develop rules, as well as try different strategies.

Dots - using dotty paper or a geoboard to investigate shapes, lengths of lines and patterns.

Fitting - build figures using mathematical shapes and explore patterns using colour.

Folds - using paper folding and cutting to make paper stars, origami, flexagons and more.

Moves - investigations, games and puzzles using counters.

Orders - covers a selection of situations which allow students to explore combinations, using lists and diagrams.

Pegboards - investigating the strategies of games using pegs on pegboards.

Prints - use a variety of materials to make blocks then print shapes and patterns using rotation, translation and reflection. Make blocks and use them to tessellate patterns over a grid, according to a set of rules.

Spirals - investigating the patterns made with spirals and how these appear in nature.

Systems - description of a system not being random and ideas for creating a system which leads to drawings and models with patterns.

Tiles - investigating games using square tiles, rep-tiles and tiling puzzles and problems.

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