Food and Diet

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Published by the Wellcome Trust, the 'Big Picture' explores issues around biology and medicine.

This issue of the Big Picture, from the Wellcome Trust, looks at the role that food plays not only in human physiology but also in the individual's lives. Food is about so much more than sustenance. Food choice touches on many aspects of human life: culture, identity, religion, relationships, mood, fashion and pleasure. This issue looks at what drives people to eat, what happens to food once it has been eaten and what impact humans' dietary choices have on health and wellbeing.

Topics include: * A snapshot of lives through food. * How does the human body break down and use the food that is eaten? * What drives people to eat different things? * How do people sense food? * How does diet affect weight, mood and health? * Exploring global issues around food policy. * Popular myths about diet and nutrition. In addition to the written materials, there are additional materials that look at: * Testing foods using a model stomach * Food facts poster * Food lesson ideas


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