An Early Start to Ourselves and Evolution

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This book in the Early Start series, published in 1991, addresses for teachers of infant and lower junior children the parts of the curriculum concerned with scientific investigation, the variety of life, processes of life and genetics and evolution The author makes use of children’s interest in themselves to look at human life processes, and shows how these processes occur in the variety of life around us. Looking at this variety leads into how present day forms of life have evolved from those of the past, making a start to genetics and evolution. As for the other books in the series, the activities are presented in a highly visual, easily accessible form and stress the importance of scientific investigation. The book also contains background information for teachers which is likely to be particularly valuable to those considering the subject of evolution to be too difficult for primary children. The description of Darwin’s work is used to underscore the value of exploring variation among the children themselves and how certain characteristics are passed on from one generation to the next. [

Contents * Introduction * Genetics and life processes in ourselves, including: breathing, pulse rates, senses, digestion, growth, muscles, bones, memory, reproduction, drugs. * Life processes in other living things, including: respiration and breathing, photosynthesis, reproduction in plants, movement. * Genetics and evolution, including: Charles Darwin, Victorians, variation, fossils, dioramas, geological time, evolution of the horse, evolution in action, chromosomes and genes. * Suppliers * Index

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