Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics 5

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The Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics stage five book was split into the same three sections as the previous stages’ books. Each section is divided into chapters giving relevant information and presenting activities to do and questions to answer.

The 13 chapters on Number and algebra are at level eight and above, and are therefore suitable for those candidates following Higher GCSE courses. Each chapter is subdivided into sections showing the mathematics it covers. Graphs of functions, algebraic manipulation and formuale, gradients and areas under a curve are some of the topics tackled. The modern mathematics topic of linear programming is introduced in chapter seven.

The content of the Shape, space and measures section has 13 chapters. It builds on previous work but also introduces new topics such as vectors, sine and cosine functions and matrices.

Handling data begins with discussing questionnaires and examining a professional survey on smoking. Probability is developed through experiments and the use of a spreadsheet. Computers are also used to analyse data. Many of the chapters begin with a discussion of a relevant issue or problem.

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