Nuffield Physical Science: Sections 8-14

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The second Student Workbook for Nuffield Physical Science began with an extensive introduction to this novel course for students. The Workbook was not designed as a textbook.

The content of each section was arranged on the same plan, and each contained four types of material: 'Introduction', passages of 'General information', directions for 'Experiments', and sets of 'Questions'.

The introductions provided a very broad summaries of the work of each section, so that students (and teachers) could see its general plan, and how it was designed to fit together both within the section and with the rest of the course.

The Teachers' Guide was more of a textbook for the teacher than is the case in some other experimental courses.

The text discussed with particular care those parts of the physical science course which were likely to be new or relatively new in sixth-form science, and those topics where a new approach seemed desirable.

The Guide also provided teaching notes about the experiments and answers to all the numerical questions in the Student Workbook.


Section 8: An introduction to chemical kinetics

Section 9: Covalent bonds and the compounds of carbon

Section 10: Group relationships in the periodic table

Section 11: Elements of the d-block

Section 12: Simple harmonic motion and wave motion

Section 13: Electromagnetic induction and electrical oscillations

Section 14: Electromagnetic radiation

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