Topic Tasks and Topic Criteria

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This resource from GAIM includes the set of Topic Tasks and Topic Criteria, which complete the assessment material for this scheme.

Topic Tasks
These are flexible resources which can be used individually or put together and reproduced in the form of class tests. They can also be used as a homework task to check off criteria, either for the whole class or with different students.

A short topic task is provided for each of the Topic Criteria and is designed to allow students to demonstrate achievement on that topic criterion. The main purpose of these tasks was either to provide teachers with the means of checking that a student could satisfy a criterion in a different context from one used previously, or to provide students with a means of completing the few remaining criteria at a certain level.

Topic Criteria
These are statements describing significant steps in mathematical learning. They relate to specific understanding, skills or knowledge and are organised into topic areas according to the content of Attainment Targets of the National Curriculum, as they were, and are designed to reflect the intermediate steps of a student's progress in mathematics.

Topic Criteria are listed with illustrative examples to help explain the meaning of each criterion. The Statement of Attainment within the National Curriculum of the time, to which the topic criterion links, is shown next to it.

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