An Early Start to Technology

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An Early Start to Technology was first published as part of the Early Start series in 1990. It deals with those aspects of science that link closely with technology. The book presents practical experiences for children aged five to eight which will involve them in looking at the structure of things, at the materials things are made of, at forces and at energy (usually in terms of what makes things go) and at how they are controlled.

Contents * Introduction * Structures, including bridges, towers, pop-up cards, plant stems, the human skeleton, structures and balance * On the move, including friction, sledges and rollers, ramps, wheels, cars, rollers, levers, pulleys wind power, flying tings, parachutes and spinners, boomerangs, balloons, helicopters * Materials, including tools, fabrics and fibres, weaving, dyeing, metals, paper, bricks, elastic things * Kitchen technology, including designing the kitchen, using plastic, materials for tea towels, wash day, cooking * Other things * Suppliers * Index

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