Teachers’ Guide II

This Nuffield Combined Science teachers’ guide covers the sections five to ten of the course which were planned to be taught to students aged 12-13.

Section 6: Water
Section 7: Small things
Section 8: Earth
Section 9: Insects
Section 10: Energy
Appendix I: Notes on the illustrations in the activity pack
Appendix II: Suggestions for ways of assessing children’s reactions to Combined Science

The material of this Teachers' Guides is arranged in sections, subsections, and experiments. Within this general grouping the material is arranged in the following way:

*Section diagrams give the contents, show the links with other Sections, and indicate the number of periods thought necessary for each piece of work.
*Route Diagrams used to outline the content of some of the subsections, and to indicate possible arrangements of the experiments.
*Introductions setting out the general aims, philosophy, and content are discussed at the beginning of each subsection, and before most of the experiments.
*Experiments with requirements lists, figures, notes on practical details followed by the experimental procedure together with teaching notes which exemplify the philosophy which underlies Combined Science and give guidance on the depth of treatment.

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