Engaging Mathematics 3

The third booklet in the Engaging Mathematics series, written by David Wells, invites the reader to consider different ways of looking at situations. Being able to relate to situations, experiences, structures, language and form is an important feature of learning. This is particularly so in mathematics when abstraction and generalisation often remove context and the succinctness of the final written form is codified and intimidating.

How do we interpret mathematics and overcome any anxiety?

Is discussion an essential feature of this process rather as it might be when students review a play, analyse an historical event or interpret French prose?

A theorem of beauty may not be a joy forever. It is well worth stopping to ask what mathematical beauty is and how teachers and students arrive at making such judgments.

These are the issues that are tackled through a wide range of problems and mathematical situations in this booklet.

The book has been provided by the Mathematics Centre at the University of Chichester.

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