Engaging Mathematics 2

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Engaging Mathematics 2, written by David Wells, invites the reader to reflect on their own mathematical activity. Do you tackle mathematics by turning to paper and pen, the computer, experimental apparatus or think in images and/or symbols? It is likely that the reader uses each process at some point but when and why?

As insights are developed, the reader will formulate claims or conjectures which may or may not hold true.

What is the value of such conjectures?

Can even false surmises have a value?

What needs to be proved?

The reader will be drawn to these and other questions as progress is made through the book. Reflecting on them, and perhaps answering some of them, is one way to become more aware of strengths and weaknesses as a mathematician and increase ones' power to do mathematics.

The book has been provided by the Mathematics Centre at the University of Chichester.

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