Teachers Evaluating and Assessing Mathematics (TEAM): Section 1 - Students' Work (1)

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A resource from the Mathematics Centre at the University of Chichester which gives some examples of students' work and a variety of activities to develop mathematical skills.

Examples of students’ work from a wide range of ages and attainment. This section contains an overview of the project and examples of students’ work from seven activities, all of which illustrate some characteristics of the type of work the project sought to promote. Each case study is accompanied by appropriate questions and activities and begins with the ‘starter’ that teachers were expected to work through, identifying some directions they thought that students might take.

Clowning around A project using Basic on a BBC computer to draw a clown's head.

Cops and blocks Investigating the number of policemen needed to patrol a city built on a regular grid.

Making shapes Dissecting a square into rectangles following set rules.

Number chains Using the rule, multiply the units digit of a starting number by 2 then add it to the tens digit to form a chain of numbers.

Off cuts Starting with a shape made from 3 squares, cut off a half square, investigate.

Reflections Using mirrors to investigate transformations.

Sheep pens A farmer has 100 sheep-gates. Investigating different ways of making an enclosure to pen the most sheep.

Further examples of students’ work can be found here.

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