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Talking about Genetics

This topic, from the Association for Science Education, is designed to allow classes in schools across the world to exchange information about genetic modification (GM), how it affects our lives and why issues around crops, food, health and the environment are important.

This topic compares genetic modification with traditional selective breeding. Students discuss the disadvantages and benefits of modern genetic modification. They also explore food production and attitudes to GM crops. Students have the opportunity to explore how the advances of GM technology may affect their lives and the lives of others, using illustrations and quotes as prompts for discussion.

After exchanging their findings and views with students in other countries, students compare and discuss the responses received from classes in other parts of the world. In most countries this topic is suitable for students aged 12-16. It is available in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Korean.

There are still schools making active use of Science Across the World topics and exchanging ideas and information. For details visit the Science Across the World pages of the ASE web site.

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