Drinking Water *suitable for home teaching*

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Water is vital to life. This topic, from the Association for Science Education (ASE), explores the safety of drinking water in different parts of the world. The topic allows classes in schools to exchange information about the sources of water for drinking and the implications for health.

In this topic, students find out about:

*where local drinking water comes from,

*the amount of drinking water they use daily,

*the purity of the water they drink

*the connections between water and health in their community.

After exchanging their findings and views with students in other countries, students compare and discuss the responses received from classes in other parts of the world.

This topic fits in the chemistry and geography curricula and in most countries is suitable for students aged 12-16. It is available in English, Korean, Chinese, Dutch and Arabic.

The topic was one of the resources included in the ASE Science Year CD called AKA Science. There are still schools making active use of Science Across the World topics and exchanging ideas and information. For details visit the Science Across the World pages of the ASE web site.

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