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This drawing resource from ASE is used to produce neat, accurate diagrams of experimental apparatus. Students who struggle to draw neat diagrams for assessments can be encouraged to use this resource to produce high quality results independently. Teachers may wish to use it to draw diagrams that can be used on worksheets.

On opening the resource all the pieces of equipment and controls are in a tool bar down the left side of the screen. Once a piece of equipment is selected it can be positioned with a "click" of the mouse. Other controls allow students to enlarge, reduce, rotate, move or erase an object. If required, text can be inserted and lines added. When the diagram is finished it can be printed out.

This feature was donated by Sandy Wilkinson.

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I have a daughter who is dyspraxic having got A stars for all Gcses she typed her three science results were B' s because she can't draw diagrams , why have NONE of her teachers, Sencos, Heath professionals heard of this program ? Is it available as an iPad app?