Special Study: Ion Exchange

This Nuffield Advanced Chemistry Special Study enabled students to see something of the scope of the field of ion exchange, and to appreciate its dependence upon chemical principles. The objectives were to show: *the nature of ion exchange materials, and in particular that they are all insoluble acids or bases or their salts. * that ion exchange processes are governed by basic principles of physical chemistry as applied to acids and bases and their salts. * the importance of ion exchange processes in industry, agriculture, medicine, and analytical chemistry.

Contents of this book:

Chapter 1: Ion exchange materials

Chapter 2: The structures and properties of ion exchangers

Chapter 3: Laboratory applications

Chapter 4: Industrial applications

Chapter 5: Biological and medical applications

Chapter 6: Inorganic ion exchangers

Chapter 7: Experimental investigations - an introductory series

Chapter 8: Experimental investigations - an extension series

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